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Do you have your dream coloring in mind? Do you want your pair of shoes to be unique? Are you bored with their present look? Contact us!

Customization is a great way to give your shoes the outstanding character and inimitable look. From minor changes (e.g. new color of a logo, sole stippling, initials on a tab) to a complete transformation and new coloring. Your imagination is the limit.

The service includes:

  • cleaning (if necessary)
  • preparing the leather/material for coloring
  • some changes according to your directives
  • preserving the effect using either finishing varnish and cream (for smooth skins) or products preventing the color loss.

PRICE: from 45 PLN (the exact pricing after examination)


Your shoes lost their color? Your cap is dingy? There’s an abrasion on your bag? The upper has scratches? You’re in the right spot!

Renovation service provides cleaning and refurbishment such as:

  • color restoration of suede, nubuck, grain and many other
  • removing leather scratches
  • nourishing the upper
  • polishing (including polishing to a high gloss)
  • other

Plus we offer:

  • unyellowing the rubber elements of your footwear (if necessary; individual pricing)
  • repainting the fractured soles (if necessary; 60-100 PLN)
  • disinfection (8 PLN)

PRICE: from 65 PLN (the exact pricing after examination)


Feel free to contact us if you want to refresh your shoes, prepare them for the season or get rid of difficult stains.

We know how to taking care of suede and nubuck. We’ll clean the material upper and nurse grain leather properly. We work on tried and trusted products of renowned producers.

The service includes:

  • Removing the upper and sole stains
  • Cleaning shoelaces
  • Impregnating footware

Plus we offer:

  • insole replacement (12 PLN)
  • disinfection (8 PLN)

PRICE: 40-80 PLN (the exact pricing after examination)

Special orders

Special orders require contacting us in advance to talk over the details of your project/ideas. The orders are priced Individually.

Within the service we realize unusual orders such as:

  • sole swapping (using the sole from customer’s other pair)
  • painting the logo/initials/engraving on shoe trees, boxes etc.
  • changing the logo color on jumpers, hats, bags etc.
  • removing some shoe elements (e.g. plastics, velcro)
  • replacing the cracked and worked out sole with a different one from customer’s other pair

PRICE: from 45 PLN (the exact price after examination)


Have you bought second-hand kicks or a cap? Your sneakers smell bad, and you want to be sure that your stuff is free from bacteria and fungus? Don’t waste your time!

Our disinfection machine is an advanced system of nano silver and ozone which literally attacks the item inside and guarantees that 650 kinds of bacteria and 99.7% of fungi disappear. The device doesn’t use heat, liquids or harmful chemicals and is 100% safe for your stuff.

You can sterilize literally everything, e.g.:

  • footwear, hats, gloves, scarves,
  • bags, wallets, belts, leather goods
  • Earphones, phones, electronic devices
  • Sportswear, work clothes, bike helmets
  • … and many more!

Price: 8 PLN per cycle.

How it works?

  • 1

    You want to create a unique look of your shoes? Or bring back them to prime time? Your cap is dingy and the bag needs maintaining?
  • 2

    Contact us! Attach some pictures to your message.
  • 3

    We valuate and let you know about the order time.
  • 4

    Send us your stuff . Remember to fill-in the application form.
  • 5

    When your order is ready, we send you the pics of the final result.
  • 6

    Make a payment for the service and return shipping.
  • 7

    We send the package.
  • 8

    We are delighted to have cooperated 🙂

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